*Limited Edition with limited stock and distribution available. Product not available for sale in the US.
*Limited Edition with limited stock and distribution available. Product not available for sale in the US.


Stoli® exists to liberate authentic voices. In pursuit of a better world, we encourage creativity and self-expression. More than ever, it is essential to champion everyone’s right to Equality, Kindness, and most importantly, Love and Peace.

Created in exclusive collaboration with Jason Naylor, our new Stoli® Limited Edition bottle celebrates creative expression, encouraging souls around the world to be bold, brave, and free-spirited. Our design centres around inspirational words, encouraging authentic artistic creation and creative exploration.

It is your time to step into the spotlight. In your local bars or at home, be bold with this limited edition bottle and Liberate Your Spirit Fizz Collection. The glow in dark design gives the ultimate drinking experience; expect fun, spontaneity, and liberation. Express your liberated spirit.
Get your Stoli® Liberate your Spirit night edition from a retailer near to you


Award-winning artist, designer and creative director, Jason Naylor is obsessed about colors and visual arts. Positivity is at the heart of everything he creates.

After studying graphic design, he moved to the bright lights of New York to immerse himself in its life, colour and magic. Bright colours and rich blacks fill his work. Motivated by kindness, he emphasises love and positivity. His work is instantly recognisable for its electric colour palette and uplifting positivity. The impact and influence of his art resounds across the globe.

Driven by a mission to ‘live life colourfully’, every project is full of love, kindness and respect. His authentic design for our Stoli® limited edition flaunts a rainbow of colour and pattern. Bold, bright and optimistic, inspirational words of ‘love’, ‘kindness’, ‘equality’, and ‘peace’ radiate through his designs. Reflecting his zeal for life and quest for joy.

“Be yourself, be brave, be proud of who you are, be kind, be loving, be happy and be colourful”
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STOLI® Fizz Collection

Stoli® proudly introduces our Liberate Your Spirit Fizz Collection. A range of excitingly expressive drinks, flaunting a rainbow of electric colours and taking you on a flavourful and vibrant taste journey, with Mules as the hero serves and two exciting, creative Fizz cocktails. This drinks collection is the ultimate expression of Liberate your spirit, inspired by Peace, Love, Kindness and Equality.

Stoli lys led

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STOLI® vodka latest news

We made an AI-Robot watch 1000 hours of Telenovela and then asked it to write its own - here’s the result! 👀

P.S. Don’t worry, we haven’t fired our content creators and more human-made inspo is sure to come your way! 😉


Creative Direction: Manuel Huertas
Prompters: Cora Rodrigues & Manuel Huertas
Storyboard: Amy Holmes & Aru Smaielova
Animation: Nicolo Ferretti
Image Generation: Midjourney
Video Commissioner: @stoli

Disclaimer: Working with Midjourney, the team created this video over a 30 day period entering prompts, using AI image generation of more than 10,000 frames, and creating frames to link the video together.
Any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.

Can’t make up your mind on what to drink this weekend? Why not get something spicy, sweet, and fruity - all at the same time?
Our new Stoli®️ Chamoy is for every taste. Try it and love it!

#Stoli #StoliVodka #Chamoy

Liverpool, thank you for your incredible support during the Song Contest! Together, we raised our voices for Ukraine and made a difference! 🇺🇦✨

From spinning the wheel to sharing delicious drinks, you made the event truly unforgettable.

If you couldn't join us, don't worry! You can still make an impact by visiting the link in our bio. Every contribution counts. 💪

Let's continue to stand strong and support Ukraine. Together, we can create positive change.

#RaiseYourVoiceForUkraine #ESC2023 #Stoli #Stolivodka

🥇GOLDEN fruity goodness 🍓🫐 and 🥈SILVER smoothness 🍊🍸

Stoli® Vodka has done it again at the San Francisco Spirit Awards! Our Stoli® Razberi™ and Stoli® Blueberi™ struck gold, while our Stoli® Premium, Stoli® Cucumber, Stoli® Ohranj™, Stoli® Vanil™, Stoli® Citros™, and Stoli® Gold shone bright with silver medals!

A huge thank you to the esteemed judges and our incredible consumers for their unwavering support. Cheers to you all! 🏅

#Stoli #StoliVodka #SFSA2023

Congrats to the winner of our Giveaway! 🏆

The votes are in and we found our latest liberated martini: the Strawberry Lemonade Lychee martini.

Our winner combined the fruity sweetness of strawberry lemonade with the exotic flavor of lychee liqueur, and of course, the smoothness of Stoli® Vodka. Trust us, this is a match made in cocktail heaven 🤩

Here are the three winning ingredients:

2 parts Stoli® 
1 part Strawberry Lemonade
¾ parts Lychee Liqueur

Add the ingredients to a shaker filled with ice, shake it up, and strain it into a fancy cocktail glass. Top it off with a lime wheel for that extra pop of flavor.

Thanks to all who participated in the giveaway and stay tuned for more Stoli® adventures! 🍸

#Stoli #LiberateYourMartini #StoliVodka #Cocktails #CocktailRecipe

Roses are red, violets are blue, but this Mother's Day, we're shaking things up with @smittencreative’s cocktail, that's flowery too! 🌸🍸

Say goodbye to the same old bouquet routine and surprise all the incredible mother figures in your life with a modern twist - just like this Tickled Pink Cocktail made with Stoli®! 💕🍹

#mothersday #Stoli #Stolivodka #Cocktails

Looking for a tasty cocktail to enjoy the Song Contest in Liverpool and in honor of World Cocktail Day? Look no further than @_kendrabarker’s Pink Lemonade cocktail, made with our limited edition bottle for Ukraine - proceeds from the bottle go to World Central Kitchen (WCK).

Here’s how you can mix it up at home: 

1.5 parts of Stoli®
juice from 1 fresh lemon 🍋
a handful of ripe raspberries
1/2 part of simple syrup

And, while you're enjoying your cocktail, remember that you can also make a positive impact by supporting the people affected by the crisis in Ukraine. Visit the link in our bio to donate and show your support 🇺🇦

#ESC2023 #Stoli #Stolivodka #RaiseYourVoiceForUkraine #worldcocktailday

Hey Liverpool, are you ready to rock the Song Contest? As we come together to enjoy the music and festivities, let's not forget the challenging circumstances that people in Ukraine are facing 🇺🇦

Join us this weekend at 22 Castle Street (Liverpool) to have some fun and contribute to a great cause. By donating £2, you can spin our wheel and win some fantastic prizes. And the best part is, Stoli® is committed to making a difference too! We'll match your donation with an additional £2 for Ukraine.

All donations will be directed to Tata Kepler’s Foundation, which provides tactical medicine to the Grey Zone. Meet us there and together, let’s show our support to Ukraine!

#ESC2023 #Stoli #Stolivodka #RaiseYourVoiceForUkraine

Celebrate spring in style... 💅 @ivan_the_bartender is inspiring us to add more colorful layers to our cocktails! 😍

⁃ 3 parts of @stoli
⁃ 0.5 parts of butterfly tea infusion
⁃ 2 parts of pineapple juice
⁃ 0.5 parts of lemon juice
- 0.5 parts of vanilla max

Show us your current fav cocktail by tagging @Stoli and we might feature your creation on our page!

#Stoli #StoliVodka #SpringIsInTheAir

Feel the Force of the Kiwi Side with @r.rateddrinks amazing Baby Yoda cocktail! This mix is strong with Stoli®️, sweet with simple syrup, and packed with the fruity power of kiwi. May the 4th be with you, and may your glass always be full! 🍹


2 parts kiwi 🥝🥝
1 part simple syrup
1.5 parts Stoli®️

2 slices of kiwi and 2 blueberries for garnish

All rights reserved, property of their respective owners

#MayTheFourth #Stoli #StoliVodka #Vodka #Cocktail #BabyYoda #StarWars #TheForce #Maythe4thbewithyou and #StarWarsDay

Our bottle was designed with a meaning. The artist, Memo Malo blends traditional and modern styles, drawing inspiration from his roots. He works to bring creativity and education into communities through his co-founded non-profit organization. 

Many of the symbols on the bottle have a meaning in Mexican culture. The sun, for example, represents strength and power while the moon stands for serenity and beauty. 

The floral and animal patterns are inspired by the street art and fabric patterns to be seen in the cities of Mexico.

#Stoli #StoliVodka #Chamoy

We are thrilled to announce the US & Mexican launch of the newest addition to our Stoli®️ flavors: Chamoy!
Famously known as a Mexican condiment made from pickled fruit, chili, and lime. This Vodka will add a tangy kick to cocktails, but will also be perfect as an ice-cold shot! 😋

Stay tuned for more adventures, flavors, and fiestas. 🇲🇽👀

#Chamoy #Stoli #StoliVodka

Something exciting is coming…
Stay tuned 👀

#Chamoy #Stoli #StoliVodka

From Billy Eilish to Harry Styles - @lillieeiger has captured some of the most influential faces of pop culture.

Being the photography director of our recent #LiberateYourMartini campaign, we spoke to Lillie about art, passion, and of course: martinis.

#Stoli #LiberateYourMartini #StoliVodka #interview

Let’s feel some early summer vibes with this Stoli®️ Lemon Drop martini 😎

Follow @everydaycocktail_´s recipe for a refreshing liberated martini:

- 2 parts Stoli®️ Vodka 🍸
- 1/2 part Simple Syrup 🍯
- 1 part Lemon juice 🍋

Shake it up and enjoy with a sugary lemon zet rim ☀️


At Stoli we celebrate everyone’s free spirit in the pursuit of a better world.
Our cast unlocked the key to #LiberateYourMartini, inspiring Stoli lovers from all over the world to freely express themselves by creating their own martini recipes. 🔑
We believe in pushing the boundaries of normality, being creative and daring, but most of all in celebrating and expressing who you truly are.
Have you dared to create your own martini cocktail yet? 🍸✨

#Stoli #LiberateYourMartini #StoliVodka

Sip on something sustainable this weekend! 💚🥒
Laura’s refreshing Stoli®️ Martini is created with ingredients you might already have at home, to help save the planet (and yourself from another run to the grocery store 😉).

Stoli®️ Cucumber Martini

2 parts Stoli®️ Cucumber
1 part lime juice
1 part simple syrup
Mint leaves

Shake with fresh mint and strain into a coupe or stemmed glass. Garnish with more mint leaves.

#Stoli #LiberateYourMartini #StoliVodka #Cocktails #CocktailRecipe

“I really wanted to be sustainable when liberating my martini.”

For a greener planet, Laura liberates with eco-friendly choices in the kitchen and at the bar, creating a Stoli®️ Cucumber Martini bursting with fresh and herbal flavors. 🌱
Check back on @Stoli for the full recipe - coming soon! 🥒

What’s in your fridge that could make for some mindful mixology?
#Stoli #LiberateYourMartini #stolivodka

Some like it hot, and this Stoli® Martini has serious spice behind it. 🌶

Inspired by Kaiden’s uncompromising art, this drink brings some fire to any event.

Will you dare to risk some heat? 🔥

Stoli® Spicy Martini:

- 2 parts Stoli® Premium
- 1 part lime juice
- 1 part simple syrup
- 1 part rosé wine
- 3 chilies or jalapeño slices

Add all ingredients to a shaker and strain into a stemmed or coupe glass.

#Stoli #LiberateYourMartini #StoliVodka #Cocktails #cocktailrecipe

STOLICHNAYA® Premium Vodka and Flavored Premium Vodkas. 37.5%-40% Alc./Vol. (75-80 proof). Distilled from Grain.
STOLICHNAYA® Vodka 100 Proof 50% Alc./Vol (100 proof). Distilled from Grain.
STOLICHNAYA® Gluten Free Premium Vodka. 40% Alc./Vol. (80 proof). Distilled from Corn and Buckwheat.
elit® Ultra Luxury Vodka. 40% Alc./Vol. (80 proof). Distilled from Grain.

Stoli® Group USA, LLC, New York, NY.
©2023. STOLI, STOLICHNAYA and all other marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
Support Ukraine
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